F.A.Q.: Frequently asked questions

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What happens when I call you?
If you call us, you will probably reach the mailbox. However, we would be happy if you could briefly describe your concern or problem and leave your number on the mailbox. One of us will get back to you as soon as possible to find out more or to arrange a meeting. After consulting with the group and if you want to, you will be invited to the next open meeting. At this meeting we will discuss how and what we can achieve together.

You say we will help each other. How should that look like?
When you come to our meeting, we will talk about your concern and how we can find a solution for it together. This is not about us talking to your boss or landlady without you, for example. We want to put pressure on them together with you. For us, solidarity is not a service.

Do you offer legal advice?
Because we want to support each other in conflicts with the job center, bosses, landlords, etc., we do not offer legal advice. We also become active where the law doesn’t help. But we have legal knowledge and use it when it is useful.

I’ve never done anything like this before – do I need any prior knowledge?
You don’t need any prior knowledge, all of us have different levels of knowledge as well. We regularly host public events to discuss and educate ourselves together.

Are you a state or religiously sponsored organization?
We are not a registered association and do not receive any financial support, neither from the state nor from a religious community. Therefore, we are independent and can always be on your side.

Under what conditions will you help me?
We can only decide on a case-by-case basis whether we can support you and fight together with you to enforce your interests. Solidarity isn’t a one-way street for us, but a political concept. We do not only want to solve your problem but also to tackle its social causes. For this it is important that we become as many people as possible. Therefore we would like you to support other people in solidarity even after your struggle.

Can I join you?
You can always contact us if you need support. But you can also just come to us if you want to support others and contribute to fundamental social change. We also regularly organize public discussion events and have so far been associated with initiatives for the unemployed, „Bündnis gegen Preiserhöhungen“ and „Bremer Bündnis gegen Zwangsräumungen„.

Did you come up with this concept on your own?
No, our concept is the basic idea of trade union organizing: a group that supports each other in social struggles. We are particularly inspired by the concept of the Seattle Solidarity Network.